Stainless Steel Flip Top Ashtray

High quality ashtray with stainless steel flip top that conceals cigarette ash in a container below the blades which separate by depressing a lever. Black base is made of high grade steel. This receptacle is all-metal and meets Fire Marshall (FM) standards.  Flat bottom sits firmly on any table.

Dimensions:     8” Diameter     4” High

$49.95  $64.95

 Ashtray With Add-On Cigarette Bridge

$74.95  $94.95

Quantity Discounts   4 or more - 5% off  ($71.20 ea)

Quantity Discounts  4 or more - 5% off ($47.45 ea)

Stainless Steel Flip Top Ashtray

Item # AT63

Stainless Steel Flip Top Ashtray with Cigarette Bridge

Item # AT63-CB

This flip top ashtray is also available with a stainless steel cigarette bridge top and holds 3 cigarettes.  Satisfies many hotel, assisted living, and nursing home standards.

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