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Bright Gold Hotel Bellman’s Cart / Luggage Carrier

Bright Gold Hotel Bellman's Cart - BC0-BG1

Item # BC0-BG1

Green Carpet, Black Bumper and Gray 8” Poly Wheels

$850 $580.00


This Bright Gold finish Commercial Grade Bellman’s Cart offers great handling capability and easy elevator access.  Heavy duty 1,000 lb Capacity insures it can stand up to almost any load. Stainless Steel Crossbar with pegs provides scratch resistant hanging space for clothes or other items.  Green carpeting is stain durable and stain resistant.  Full wrap around black bumper helps protect both the cart and walls. 8” Gray Rubber Wheels provide a smooth ride.

43” Long     23” Wide   69” Tall

Sidebars for Hotel Bellman's Carts

Sidebar Option for BCO Bellmans Carts

$125 $99.95

Add these Stainless Steel Sidebars to any of our BC0 Series carts to provide added functionality.  These containment rails preventing items from falling off. Sidebars Snap on and off in seconds, and can be snapped to the uprights of cart for storage when not in use. More Info.

Wheel Brakes (set of 2)

$40.00  $29.95

Add these wheel brakes to  our BC0 Series Luggage carriers. Set of 2 is good for one cart.

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