Garment Rack with Double Hat Rack

These Sturdy, durable, commercial grade garment racks are a must for temporary storage of coats and garments. Made from chrome plated 1” tubular steel, these rugged racks will maintain their "New" appearance for years to come. These mobile coat racks are available in a 4 foot long and a 5 foot long model.  4 swivel casters make moving garments a breeze. Unit features double top shelf to store bags or hats. Units assemble easily -  requiring only 8 (included) bolts for full assembly. They also disassemble quickly for compact storage or transit. Optional, Hangers are not included with the Garment Racks. This unit is NOT compatible with closed loop hangers.


$199.00  $215

   48” Long Garment Rack             48” Long   x  20” Wide   x   74” Tall

Item # CS1074-48


$225.00  $250

   60” Long Garment Rack             60” Long   x  20” Wide   x   74” Tall

Item # CS1074-60

Item # CS1074 Series

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2 or More - 5% Off
6 or More - 10% Off

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Garment Rack with Double Hat Rack - Model #: CS1074

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