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Basic Hotel Luggage Cart

Basic Hotel Luggage Cart - Chrome Plated Steel
Inudstrial Luggage Cart built with sturdy steel frame.

$599  $470.00

Basic, no-frills Bellman’s Carts will get the job done at an appealing price point and without forgoing sturdiness. Built for industrial use, these carts are made with chrome plated steel frames and a stainless steel cross-bar.  Extra strength 1” think wood deck with a steel reinforced bottom. Includes Red or Gray stain-resistant carpet. , with a rubber bumper and 5 inch diameter wheels. Not just for luggage, this Bellman’s cart can transport everything from hanging clothes, large packages, shopping bags, small furniture items, and more.  These carts are used in Hotels and Motels across the country.

Item # CL205

Width:  23”    Length:  43”    Height: 73”

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