Flip Top with Bridge Floor Urn Ashtray

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These premium standing ashtray floor urns have flip tops constructed of  stainless steel that dump the contents of the ashtray by pressing a small lever. Welded on bridge over top of unit fits three resting cigarettes. Receptacle under flip top removes for hassle free cleaning. Made of heavy duty steel with a professional grade powder coat finish that is designed to stand up to regular use.  Metal band near bottom of receptacle adds an attractive touch. Plastic band around the bottom rim of the ashtray reduces slipage while preventing damage the floors. Can also be ordered as just a Flip Top Ashtray (no bridge) or as a Sand Urn Top Ashtray .

Dimensions:  Height: 22”      Diameter: 10.5”

Item # EK160F-B

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Flip Top with Bridge Sand Urn Ashtray
Bridge Top Floor Sand Urn with Flip Top
Green Flip-Top Bridge Sand Urn

Also available without Bridge

Flip Top Ashtrays

Flip Top
Floor Ashtray

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