Folding Laudry Hamper Cart

Folding Laundry Hamper Cart

ITEM #  EK46

$159   $125.00

This heavy duty, high capacity laundry hamper cart is durable enough for industrial use, and attractive enough for home use.  This rugged cart is used by hotels and commercial cleaners across the country and is designed to stand up to constant use.  Includes four 3” diameter swivel casters for smooth, effortless movement.  Includes one thick canvas bag with a wide open top which makes placing laundry in it a breeze. Bag snaps securely into place. Chrome finish, steel X-Frame design allows it to be folded closed with the bag still attached for easy transportation or storage.

25 ” Wide     21” Deep      35” Tall


 Additional Laundry Hamper Bags

Heavy duty, white canvas laundry bags for the EK46 cart.  Each bag features six snaps to securely attach it to the cart. Bags are machine washable.

4 + Bags - 10% off

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