Outside Pyramid Cigarette Butt Receptacles (Black)
Outdoor Cigarette Butt Receptacle (Beige/Tan)

Pyramid GroundsKeeper Cigarette Butt Receptacle

$139  $120.00

These space efficient pyramid shaped cigarette butt receptacle is the perfect low profile way to provide cigarette butt disposal. Round opening at the top of the unit make placing cigarettes into the ashtray easy, while reducing air flow in to the container for quick smothering of butt embers.  Rounded top prevents large amounts of rain and snow from filling the inner canister. Manufactured with commercial grade, molded plastic that has a heavy steel base to provide superior stability.   Steel tube stored in the unit conceals thousands of cigarette butts and can be easily removed for effortless emptying. Available in Black, Tan, or Brown. FM Approved for fire safety.

Dimensions:  39.5” T  x  12.25” W  x  12.25” D

Outside Ashtray Top for paramid
Steel Tube

Ashtray Top

Steel Tube

Item # LSP2570

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