Large Capacity Cigarette Butt Receptacle


$240.00  $300

This commercial grade cigarette ash receptacle features a sleek design and heavy duty all-metal construction. High-capacity design is intended for heavy traffic areas. Stainless steel snuff plate minimizes smoldering, and a 360 degree disposal area allows for easy accessibility. A weighted base provides for added stability. Includes unobstructed funnels to reduce jamming during cigarette butt disposal. Rounded top keeps rain and snow out. Integrated padlock tabs provide security against tampering and theft. Tracks built into base allow for quick and easy removal and emptying. FM Approved for fire safety.

Dimension:  42” Tall  x  16” Diameter

Volume Discount
2 or More - 5% off

Large Capacity Cigarette Butt Receptacle - Black - Model#: SWP9W34
Large Capacity Cigarette Butt Receptacle - Bronze - Model #: SWP9W34
Large Capacity Cigarette Butt Receptacle - Pewter (Silver) - Model#: SWP9W34

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Item # SWP9W34

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