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Wall Mounted Ashtrays & Receptacles

Wall Mounting Smokers Pole

Wall Mounting Smokers Pole
$100.00 $89.00

Wall Mounted Rectangular Ashtray

Wall Mounted
Flip Top Ashtray

$130.00 $110.00

24" Long Wall Mounted Smokers Post
Wall Mounted Smokers Post/ Pole Ashtray

Wall Mounted Smokers Posts
$144.00 $125.00
Available in 2 Sizes

Grill Top Wall Urn (Satin Aluminum)

Grill Top Wall Receptacle (Aluminum)
$160 $135.00

Wall Mounted Ash Trash Receptacle - Satin Aluminum Funnel Top Ash-Trash Waste Receptacle - Wall Mounting

Wall Mounting Ashtray & Trash Receptacles
$150 $125.00
Available in 3 Finishes

Slim Wall Ashtrays - Satin Aluminum - Flip Top, Sand Top & Funel Top

Slim Wall Ashtray (Satin Aluminum)
$54.95 - $99.95
Available in 4 Styles

Wide Bracket Wall Mounting Ashtray with Flip Top

Flip Top Wall Ashtrays

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Smokers Oasis

The Ultimate Cigarette Butt Receptacle
Holds and conceals 1000’s of cigarette butts. This all metal unit wont melt or burn and saves you money by reducing cleaning costs.

Floor Ashtrays & Sand Urns

Floor Ashtrays
Standard floor urns for use indoor our outdoors. Ashtray top removes for easy emptying.

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